Our property inspection is no ordinary inspection. Our representatives are trained to spot problems that most home and business owners did not even know existed.

1st Property's field adjuster will look at the exterior of the building, looking for potential problems along the roofline and exterior walls. They will go room to room inside the dwelling inspecting closets, walls, flooring, and cabinetry.

They will also sit with you and review your current property insurance policy and educate you on the extent and conditions of your coverage.Man conducting a property inspection

While we don’t sell insurance, our representatives will discuss the coverage that exists under your policy. Best of all, there is no charge for this service.

Do you really know what is covered by your property insurance policy? You might be surprised to learn that many property owners do not. Obvious types of loss such as fire, flood and theft are commonly known and understood, but it’s very possible that your insurance covers much more.

Consider the following types of losses that many insurance policies cover:

• Fire & Lightning     • Windstorm & Hail
• Roof Leaks            • Water Stains
• Melted Siding        • Cracked Tiles
• Toilet Overflows    • Sewer Back-ups
• Artillery Spores     • Breakage of Glass
• Explosion             • Air Craft
• Vehicles               • Smoke
• Vandalism            • Theft
• Falling Object       • Frozen pipes, HVAC
• Riot & Civil Commotions
• Weight of Ice, Snow & Sleet
• Collapse
• Accidental Damages to carpets, kitchen cabinets, wallpaper, siding and many others
• Accidental Discharge or overflow of water or steam
• Sudden or Accidental Damage from artificially generated electrical current
• And much, much more

Fully understanding your insurance policy requires the assistance of a trained professional. For over 23 years, 1st Property Public Adjustment, Inc. has worked hard to help its clients understand the breadth of protection provided by their property insurance. Often times, property owners will have damage where they did not know they were entitled to compensation. Frequently, property owners are surprised to learn that they are not protected as much as they had thought.

It is not necessary to lie awake at night wondering if your family or business is adequately protected. 1st Property offers piece of mind.


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