LOWBALLED MAN AND WOMENRe-open your claim.

Policyholders whose insurance claims have been settled or denied can still be re-opened. The claim property inspected and policy reviewed..

Even though your claim has been settled, you may still be entitled to additional benefits. Insurance companies often times fail to properly determine the extent of losses in an insurance claim, rendering a claim evaluation that is lower in value than what policyholders ought to be paid. 1st Property Public Adjusters will take a look at your loss settlement for free and determine if you’re owed more than your offer.
We have successfully handled hundreds of insurance claims that carriers had already closed, and in many cases, we found benefits not assessed in the original evaluation.
You are not “stuck” with the low ball offer. I can re-open your claim so that you can bring the property back to pre-loss conditions.
Most states have policyholder friendly laws that usually allow you to reāˆ’open an insurance claim if you were not fully compensated. We offer a Free Consultation. We are paid only if we find areas of underpayment and/or items that were left out of your insurance claim settlement.

It is prudent to re-open as soon as you learn you have been “low balled” and find you're unable to make repairs. In most states your fire claim can be re-open after 2 or more years. Again, do not wait to professionally document the damage as soon as possible can give you a better result.

Even if you have received a check you can re-open the claim for additional funds.

We will review your claim for free if you feel that you did not receive a fair settlement.

Your initial offer may only be based on what is seen during a preliminary inspection of the premises.

The insurance company expects the property owner to present and to document the damage.

Cash to bring property back to pre-loss conditionsMany times there are hidden damages that are discovered during repairs. It is crucial to document the additional damages so you may receive the proper settlement.
Coverage for additional costs incurred during construction such as the following and often covered
Permit costs
Architectural fees
Code Upgrades: this is crucial as your local code inspector could mandate major upgrades by law.
Electrical Usage: you could have coverage for a higher electric bill due to construction costs.
Finally, coverage for a final house cleaning once repairs have been complete


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